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Simple Shrimp Recipes coming soon

I've been writing my little fingers to the bone, well, not really.  I'm finalizing the cover for the next cookbook, which will be entitled Simple Shrimp Recipes and contains some of my favorite Shrimp recipes. 
They range from the very simple, Peel and eat shrimp all the way up to and including some fancy recipes. but they're all simple to make and delicious to eat. 
Included in there are recipes for a Low Country Boil,
With lots and lots of shrimp,
As well as one of my personal favorites, mini Crab and Shrimp Quiches. 
Stay tuned, I'll be sharing the launch of the new books soon.

Article about the cookbook.


Hygge- Danish Food and Recipes

I'm so pleased to tell you all about my new cookbook.   Hygge -  Danish Food and Recipes (Dansk Mad og Opskrifter til et Hyggeligt Hjem) 
It's available on Amazon as well as a downloadable Kindle book.
You can even borrow it on Kindle Unlimited. 

Here's the link to the Amazon listing.
And here it is for the Kindle version.

 Just one of the many recipes found in the cookbook.
 And another of the recipes...
 The book also has many illustrations of the food and the steps involved in making them.
 I had to include Denmark's National Dish as well.
 As well as a selection of cookie recipes, including the ubiquitous Vanilla Wreaths found in many Danish Cookie selections. 
 I hope you'll stop by, take a look at the book and better yet buy it.